Two weeks ago we began this list in order to help you ask the right questions to either your current or new chiropractor. This week we will continue the list in order for you to be fully prepared and loaded with questions the next time you step into your chiropractor’s office.

  1. Do you ever take x-rays?
    You want a chiropractor who is going to consider everything possible when it comes to what is causing your pain or discomfort. This includes things like checking your joints and discs via x-ray to ensure you do have any fractures that are hard to detect without the use of this technology.
  2. Do you have some references you could provide me with?
    Any chiropractor who has treated patients successfully will want them to tell you what a difference was made in their lives by visiting your chiropractor. If the treatments are working, then there should be no shortage of people who want to tell you about it.
  3. Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?
    You don’t want to spend a bunch of money just to discover that after a lengthy amount of time, nothing about your condition is improving. Even if the chiropractor doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee persay, he/she should acknowledge that extended treatment with little to no results is not something that would be taken lightly.

If you stop into or call Superior Family Chiropractic of Marquette, we will answer all of these questions and any more you may have. Not to mention, if your current chiropractor does not answer these questions to your satisfaction, we are always open to seeing new patients!