Often when we experience stress it is because we are insanely busy trying to make time for everything that needs to get done in our lives. This also happens to me that we don’t always have time to make appointments with people who can help us to relieve some of our stress like the great team at Superior Family Chiropractic Care. With this in mind, we have compiled a short list of exercises that can be used should you begin to experience stress and anxiety but are unable to get to the chiropractor’s office anytime soon.

  1. Self Hand Massage
    A quick trick for relieving stress when you are on-the-go is to take your thumb on one hand and slowly use it to massage the palm of your other hand. This will soothe you regardless of your environment or whatever is happening in your day that is causing you stress.
  2. Close Your Eyes
    Shutting your eyes for a few moments gives your brain a break from all the visual stimulation it is constantly exposed to. If you often find yourself becoming overwhelmed with your surroundings, this is a great way to combat anxiety caused by that.
  3. Bubble Bath
    If you can find 30 spare minutes at the end of the day to sneak away for a bubble bath, do it. The bath alone will soothe you and if you are feeling very stressed try doing some deep breathing exercises in the tub to gain even more relaxation.

We want our patients to feel great all the time and not just when they are in or leaving our office so try out these suggestions the next time you are getting overwhelmed and let us know how they went when we next see you!