1. Learn to Soothe Yourself During Stressful Times

    Often when we experience stress it is because we are insanely busy trying to make time for everything that needs to get done in our lives. This also happens to me that we don’t always have time to make appointments with people who can help us to relieve some of our stress like the great team at Superior Family Chiropractic Care. With this in mind, we have compiled a short list of exercises that …Read More

  2. How To Recognize When You Are Stressed

    As a Chiropractic office, we see a lot of highly stressed people come in to see us at Superior Family. Living the the fast-paced world of modern adulthood comes with a myriad of things that weigh on you and it is not uncommon to often feel overwhelmed. Below you can find a few signs that you may be far more stressed than you realize: You feel nervous a lot If you can notice a change in yourself th…Read More